Although we all experience conflict many people have not received formal instruction about how to manage it.  Instead, we rely on using the skills and tactics that appeared to have worked the best in prior conflict situations. While that strategy may help us if our goal is just to get through the immediate situation, you may want the ability to get yourself and others through difficult situations to more productive outcomes. While it is inevitable that conflicts will happen, they can be a force for positive change if well managed.

Conflict management is comprised of multiple components including but not limited to self-awareness, understanding of how emotion drives thoughts and behavior, personal preference in terms of reactions to conflict, personalities, action orientation, perceptions of others, and the filters through which we interpret and/or experience information.

Vantage Pointe both educates, and teaches practical skills and tools that participants can apply in real conflict situations. Our conflict management offerings are tailored to the context in which participants anticipate using their new found awareness and skills, whether at home, in the community, or at work.

You might chose to participate in training if you personally want to learn and put skills into practice or you want to learn how to support your employees, community, or family in better conflict management.

We want you to be successful so we offer you the opportunity to request an onsite presentation customized for the culture and specific needs of your group.