Restorative Justice Blog

What about Kids Who Don’t Regret Their Crimes?

October 22, 2020
Not every student referred to a restorative justice program necessarily feels they’ve done something wrong. Even their parents may not feel so. This can be the case for a student charged with simple assault who feels they were only trying to defend themselves. In fact, in such situations the child may have done exactly what their parents had taught them to do. Recently we were referred a student who brought a taser ... Continue Reading

Why Refer

October 19, 2020
Why should a referring agent refer a student who has been criminally charged to either Teen Court or to Sentencing Circles? Five reasons: (1) the data tells us that after completing a restorative justice program the student is far less likely to reoffend; (2) we make the judicial process easier for potential referring agents; thus (3), we free up law enforcement, court officials and schools to devote more time to more serious ... Continue Reading

Why Volunteer

October 18, 2020
Most of our volunteers are peers of the students referred to us. Why do they do it? Imagine you are parents of a college-bound student. Imagine that that child made a mistake like bringing a Swiss Army Knife to school. This is illegal in North Carolina. Or, maybe you’re the parent of a child who plans to join the military. He or she happened to get in a fight with a friend on ... Continue Reading

Why Restorative Justice

October 16, 2020
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote often of an intrinsic unity binding all humanity. We never feel that unity more strongly than when we help others, especially people we hardly know. That is why community service is the most important component of a restorative justice program. These experiences reveal to the students how good it feels, indeed how good it is, to be of service to their fellow community members.  That is why kids who ... Continue Reading

What is Restorative Justice?

October 14, 2020
Restorative Justice is difficult to define, which is what justifies this blog. We will spend posts continually exploring the concept. Partly that is because each student who goes through the program experiences it in his or her own way. Each can offer their own definition. And that is the beauty of it.  We explain it to the kids referred to us by telling them, even the very young, to focus on the word ... Continue Reading

Who We Are, What We Do, And Why We Do It

October 13, 2020
My name is Rick Abrams. I am the Programs Manager at Vantage Pointe. Vantage Pointe is a philanthropic organization guided by a vision of  “a community united by our differences.”  It’s a paradox that our differences can be the very source of our unity. We tend to think the opposite. But difference isn’t only inevitable. It's most often desirable. Difference, in fact, should be shared. Whether the difference is belief, religion, opinion, background, ... Continue Reading