Mediation is the process of working through conflicts without turning to the court system for a solution. The two parties voluntarily meet with a professional mediator to investigate the problem, discuss possible solutions, and come to a mutually-beneficial agreement. At Vantage Pointe our experienced mediators provide the tools and structure for a constructive and respectful dialogue.


Family Mediation

When family members can’t resolve a disagreement on their own, they can turn to mediation. We offer assistance to settling disputes between or among all family members:

  • Parents and teens
  • Romantic partners
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents and grandchildren
  • Other family members

The process aims to promote mutual understanding and to empower family members.  Mediation can assist in creating more positive and considerate interactions.*


Visitation Mediation

Clients must be referred by the New Hanover County DSS Family Support Program for this free service. Mediation through this program is aimed at helping unmarried parents create a shared parenting or visitation plan focused on the child’s needs.


*This program does not cover mediation for separation agreements, equitable distribution, custody, or visitation.