Why Volunteer

Most of our volunteers are peers of the students referred to us. Why do they do it?

Imagine you are parents of a college-bound student. Imagine that that child made a mistake like bringing a Swiss Army Knife to school. This is illegal in North Carolina. Or, maybe you’re the parent of a child who plans to join the military. He or she happened to get in a fight with a friend on campus. Also illegal. Or, perhaps you’re parents who speak very little English whose child had in her possession less than a half-ounce of marijuana. 

Further imagine that your teenage child has never been in trouble, certainly not with the law. Wouldn’t you want some way for that son or daughter, even though guilty, to avoid a criminal record? Wouldn’t you want a second chance for them? Wouldn’t you want some way they may avoid jeopardizing their promising futures? To serve you and your child. That’s why our students volunteer.

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