Alternative Justice and the Internet

During these last several months of unprecedented times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly all ways of life have had to change in some capacity. Alternative justice practices such as mediations were not excused from these changes. With tighter restrictions and exclusions on meeting in person and the increased amount of space needed to safely house people indoors, our mediation and Teen Court programs were forced to change with the times. 

Knowing that the need for these services did not disappear simply because people were unable to physically come together, Vantage Pointe adapted to safe and effective conference call mediations led by our state certified mediator. Additionally, our Teen Court program was moved to being held online via the platform Webex which allows video chat as well as dial in conferences. Using these new platforms, we were effectively able to bring people together and to deliver positive justice outcomes to nearly all of the respondents we attempted to serve. We were able to continue fostering a sense of community in spite of the isolating conditions we were forced to operate in. 

As we move forwards through the potential end of the Covid-19 pandemic, we hope to continue to employ the adaptability of remote platforms to serve a greater number of people across North Carolina. Technology presents both a great challenge and a great opportunity. While technology does often complicate life, technology also provides the means to reach more people than those in your physical surroundings. Our mission at Vantage Pointe is to provide alternative justice and mediation services to as many people as possible in order to best meet the needs of those in our greater community. 

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